Soft Reminder from the Persident of Indonesia

End of last month, Indonesia has a new president. The president is not new, as he reelected for the second period of ruling the government. I did not care into the pro cons of his candidacy, but I did concern with what he said during his speech to start his presidency by introducing his new ministers. He mentioned about monotonous activities which may occur if we do anything based on ‘usual’ things. Suddenly I feel slapped by his statement. Oh, dear..this is what happens to me at this moment.
Soon I check my notebook to look at my ‘homework’ to achieve my dreams. Thank God, I was then more quickly awake and started to pave my way to reach those dreams. It is time to look forward and rearrange everything better than before.

I am now ready to take off. Thank you Mr. President!

–reflection moment saat ampus saat mati listrik–

Finally I saw stars

It’s been awhile since the last posting.. life is just full of joyful activities which make me drown into day-to-day routines…

Thank God, for almost three months now, I have been doing ‘different’ stuff. This time gave me the opportunity to sit back and reflect on things I’ve missed so far.

I missed stars which I used to see in Semarang. Early morning today, finally I saw them scattered all above me. In fact, I almost could reach them…

However, the most important thing is that I saw more than the real stars.  I saw jaw-dropping sceneries during my trip to Bromo. I saw God’s creations mingled as in nature and people.  I was speechless… I am nothing compare to everything I’ve seen…

Indeed, I also saw my self.  I defeated my self in reaching the peak of Bromo… Other might have their preference not to take the opportunity to see the caldera, yet I did also have my own preference. Therefore, it’s good momentum for me to fine the real ‘stars’ that I need…




Go with d Flow?

Hello there..
Today is easter day.. Means a holiday..
After 6pm, outside still poured by water. I feel alone.. Dunno why..
After a while,  flash back seems to cross my mind. This morning, yesterday, last week, last month..
I fell like I just go with d flow. Nothing’s wrong with it but I feel is not what usually I am as an individual. I messed up my plans.. I suppose to take my doctoral degree somewhere in the UK, but here I am at front of my house doing nothing. So many things to do outside my personal planning and I just can’t resist them as I always hope can support others. As consequences, multitasking, and my personal planning is the next.. Which I don’t know when to be tackled. Astagfirullah, God..
However, right in front of my eye, so many God’s scenarios acted by my fellows, my friends, my surroundings.
My friend’s Mom passed away on early March, a week after another friend lost her Dad.. My Mom hospitalised, my friend lost his daughter (the baby can only stay 8 month inside her mother’s womb).. Another friend got a new baby girl, my twin nephews ended their breastfed era and many more.. Then I can’t say a word.
Shall I just keep going with the flow?
Happy or sad, you decide! 

The Art of Misunderstanding

Sudah menjadi lazim bagi manusia, pada saat ada masalah barulah merunut apa penyebabnya. Orang kebanyakan bahkan terjebak pada mencari siapa yang salah, dan bahkan berakhir dengan permusuhan yg mendarah daging. Artinya menganggap seolah-olah tidak tejadi apa-apa, padahal dalam hati masih merasa ada yg tidak tuntas. Suatu saat, jika ada masalah lagi, bisa-bisa mencuat lagi ‘masalah’ yg dulu-dulu.


Ada lagi manusia yang langsung pada poin ‘what’s next’ ketimbang berkutat dengan siapa biang masalah. Sehingga masalah segera terselesaikan. Bagus sih, tapi ini juga jangan-jangan berorientasi pada hasil, yang penting berhasil. Ke depan, bisa jadi masalah terulang lagi, dan pihak-pihak terkait yg sebenarnya harus memperbaikki diri, tidak menyadari jika sebenarnya ada yg harus diperbaikki.

Lalu kita cenderung yang mana,ya?


Yang manapun anda, sebenarnya yang dibutuhkan adalah kesadaran adanya kesalahpahaman bbrp pihak dan segera mencari solusi apa yang harus dilakukan serta ke depan harus bagaimana. ini yang disebut seni kesalahpahaman aka The Art of Miscommunication. Karena sebuah seni, maka penikmatnya-lah yang bisa mengerti betul sikap apa yang harus dilakukan. Membeli karya seni itu, membuangnya, melihatnya sekilas, menduplikasinya, apapun..

Di sini jugalah kita ditempa menjadi orang yang jauh lebih dewasa dalam menyikapi sebuah masalah. Jadi masalah apapun yang sedang anda hadapi, cobalah untuk diam..jk perlu mundur sejenak, untuk kemudian maju dengan langkah yang lebih mantap bahkan cepat sampai ke tujuan anda.

Selamat hari Rabu.



Akal manusia mana bisa?

Betapa hujan tak henti semalaman tadi,

bisa jadi tidak hanya di Semarang, tetapi juga di tempat lalin di belahan bumi ini. hampir semua orang menggerutu..dan tidak ingat saat dulu musim panas, berharap ada hujan..

Ya, namanya juga manusia, tidak bisa menjangkau apa yang Tuhan mau di balik ini semua..

Ada yang peduli sekali dengan kondisi kami yang di tahun ini belum diberi amanah berupa keturunan.. bertanya, memberi saran, memotivasi, bercerita sana-sini..

Ya namanya juga manusia..

Ada yang ribut politik, gaduh kriminalisasi KPK, jualan on-line, kawin-cerai selebritas, sinetron, tayangan india.. Ya..namanya juga manusia…

keep insane while others aren’t

It’s bit a while since last time I write on this page.. I think I need to me more organized although most of my friends said I’m too organized… i don’t know..

Why i said, I need to be more organized, coz it seems that I have not enough time to do things esp in updating this blog. He.. 🙂 However, when I spend sometimes early morning, early week, then I found some slots to do things. thus, please try to write down your ‘TO DO LIST’ then you can pick WHICH ONE IS THE PRIORITY for a day,in a week, in month, and so forth. from my experience, sometime we loose what we’ve planned, but that’s OK..we just need to practice it like, everyday..

this week my priority is doing my task as a lecturer at Unimus. From 2 days that i’ve planned to fill up a web, it’s become almost a week as the web provider has too many visitors. All lecturers in Indonesia have to submit their academic document to the govt via that web. It’s a real pain..

However, I try to be positive as always.. by accessing other pages as this blog. Thank God, finally I can add something here which I hope will be usefull fo all readers.

That’s all for now..

What’s the title?

What’s the title? Is it important to give title? Some people said,the substance is more important that the title..even most of the people. However, to me title is important

Alhamdulillah..Praise to Alloh..
Until this time, i still can type.. nothing’s wrong with my finger. However, i might also complain with the service in a hospital, cause i have to wait for too long. Thus, basically there are two choices ‘keep doing something’ or ‘keep complaining’. Those choices are what I meant by ‘how smart we give title for everything we’ve done’.

At the beginning of this writing, my story happen when I was about to have teeth surgery in Kariadi hospital. When i have to wait, I feel like i have to give best tittle for the moment of waiting. If the title is ‘a time to reflect and type’ or ‘a boring moment in a hospital. Yes, it’s easy, but we need practice. We have to understand that nothing is coincident. God has created everything, and we don’t know what’s next because we just His creator.

At the end of this writing, i want to stressed that we have to be smart in giving title for every single thing we do. If we give the negative title then we’ll got negative atmosphre. Let’s practice it, and enjoy this beautiful life.
Happy Tuesday!